F is an Emma-awarded rap/R'n'B artist, whose distinctive sound and courage to reinvent Finnish hip-hop music have garnered well-deserved attention and praise from Finnish music professionals and consumers alike. In her music, F combines modern pop melodies, captivating lyrics, and her unique voice to craft tracks that are both catchy and emotionally charged R'n'B hits. Her songs narrate tales of love, growth, and introspection, deeply resonating with her listeners. The authenticity and sensitivity of F's music make her one of the most intriguing artists in the Finnish R'n'B scene.

The artist's third album, "Jos," released in the spring of 2022, is described by F as hopeful and bright, even though it thematically tackles letting go. In "Jos," F deepens her relationship with R'n'B music, blending her childhood favorite sounds with a modern aesthetic. F's latest single, "Muija on kun kone" released in collaboration with the duo Tuplakääk, continues her innovative and distinctive production that pushes the boundaries of Finnish R'n'B. Since 2019, when her debut album "Mä en oo viel tarpeeks iso" was released, F has made an indelible impression, on both critics and listeners.

Contact: Lilli Keh
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +358 40 583 6169

Booking Inquiries: Feniks Willamo
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