Ina Mikkola

Journalist, Director, Writer & DJ

She has broken boundaries, challenged norms, and created content that not only speaks but also awakens and inspires. Her work in television, radio, and literature has not gone unnoticed, as Mikkola excels in bringing out the voices and perspectives that are often unheard. Mikkola's work stands out not only for its bravery but also for its unwavering value foundation. She is not just a journalist, but also an active social influencer who isn't afraid to address even the most challenging topics. Whether it's sexuality, human rights, or an ethical and ecological lifestyle, Ina brings these subjects close, makes them understandable, and provides new perspectives.

Mikkola's book "Runkkarin käsikirja" (2020) is a best-selling non-fiction book that broadly addresses sexuality, while "Valtakirjani" (2021) ingeniously popularizes the concept of power. The anthropologically exploring adult entertainment documentary series "Ina <3 porno" (2018) was awarded the Kultainen Venla award. The series has also been shown in Australia and Italy. The "Ina <3 Suomi" (2019) series sparked discussions on topics ranging from cyber-security to drug policy. The "Tilipäivä" program, which delves into taboos and pain points of working life, empowered the audience and received a nomination at the prestigious international Golden Rose gala. Through her work, Ina Mikkola has risen to become one of Finland's most central voices in cultural and societal discourse.

Contact: Lilli Keh
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +358 40 583 6169

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