Lxandra is an internationally recognized pop artist whose music has been featured in commercials, TV shows, and movies worldwide. With over 50 million streams globally, Lxandra is also known as a renowned live performer, having opened for the likes of Dua Lipa. Having moved from Helsinki to Berlin in 2016, Lxandra released the self-produced track "Hush Hush Baby" a year later, which was chosen for a major advertising campaign by the German electronics chain, Saturn Electronics. The song later found its way into the trailer for the documentary film "Jonas Brothers: Chasing Happiness", the NBC series "The Village", and Downy Infusion's TV campaign. Other songs by the artist have also been integrated into significant productions, earning Lxandra exceptional international acclaim.

In 2019, Lxandra was awarded the esteemed newcomer award in the pop category at the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards. That same year, she released the "Another Lesson Learned" EP, which included the fan-favorite track "Swimming Pools". By 2021, her debut album "Careful What I Dream Of" undeniably showcased the artist's profound musical insight and ability to craft timeless melodies.

Having established her reputation in both Berlin and Los Angeles, Lxandra finally captured the hearts of Finnish audiences during the 2023 UMK contest. With her unwavering work ethic and strong supporting team, Lxandra stands out as an exceptional Finnish artist, one to watch closely.

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