In 2021, Slani burst onto the Finnish rap scene with her debut release "Stacks". Since then, the artist, known for his bold approach, unique style, and candid lyrics, has secured her place at the core of the domestic hip hop scene. Slani masterfully merges traditional rap elements with a modern style in her sound.

With an unapologetic attitude, Slani has successfully carved out her own path in the Finnish music industry. She channels a distinct confidence in hes music, paving the way for new waves of hip hop. Her debut EP "444" stands as a testament to Slani's talent and her ability to make her voice heard.

Most recently, Slani has been featured on Yeboyah's hit "10X" and on Tinze's summer party track "LOCO". Slani is not just a name but a phenomenon that is set to shape the future of Finnish rap.

Contact: Lilli Keh
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +358 40 583 6169

Booking: Tino Pirttioja
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